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Win-win Collaboration

Win-win Collaboration between EUROBIOPARK-Italy and Cameroon

It was in May 2012 that the first delegation of the District of Douala V° from Cameroon landed in Rome Italy. Led by the Mayor of the District herself, Honorable Francoise Foning. At long term the Objectives are to strengthen all infrastructural entities within the District of Douala V°, promoting Start-ups, Exchange know-how in the areas such as Industrial Production, Education, Information Technology, Medicine and Clean Sanitary environment.

The Delegation toured the City of Rome meeting with multiple partners from various economic sectors. These Investors express their ambition to collaborate and embark in a win-win journey with the District of Douala V°.

Each party elaborated on their long term commitment, the atmosphere was very cultural and pro-active with each party listening attentively to each other in other to come to a mutual agreement as to what needs to be done and how to proceed.

What is to follow are continue dialogue and the observation of the infrastructural needs that are most critical such as the mobilization of the general public in order to improve general health and providing clean drinking water to populations throughout the District of Douala V°.