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In preparation to launch all initiatives and projects agreed between Eurobiopark-Italy and the District of Douala V°-Cameroon. A following delegation arrived in Rome led by the 1st Counselor Sa-Majesté Gustave Ebanda, his fellow counselors Dr. Martin Sobze and Honorable Solomon Tsobgny. Their task was to oversea the equipment for its arrival in Cameroon, harbor the engineers from Cameroon there for training and meet with investor from diverse economic sectors.

They received a warm welcome by the commune of Vasanello located in the province of Viterbo within the region of Lazio. They were treated to a tour of the Castello Orsini-Odescalchi, Built in in the 15th century residence of two Papal families which also served as a military defense structure. The Castle of Orsini, now a Museum serves as a center of cultural events.

The visit also concluded a merge between the municipality of Douala V° and that of Vasanello. It also consisted of the inauguration of the Cameroonian Cultural House, showing that the deep collaboration between the two countries is not just at an economic level but also consist of a profound cultural bond.