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The general aim is to foster the development of a breeding ground for Cameroonian social innovators, through:

1. Understanding the needs and the potential of the business startup community in Douala and promoting a collective answer;

2. Identify an incubation model fitting the needs of the community;

3. Setting up a new business incubator in Douala with the aim of strengthening the business models of the disruptive social ideas raised in Cameroon and help them to be innovative and financially sustainable;

4. Training African educated young in African and Italian Universities in the field of science, economy and industrial development in order to transfer the know how on the management of an incubator/accelerator;

5. Training young African talents to start up social businesses in Cameroon, in order to have a positive and sustainable impact on employment and on the local community; boosting private and public investments in social startups in Cameroon;

6. Incubation of at least 10 startups in the first 18 months of activity of the incubator (September 2014 – March 2016).

Each specific aim responds to a specific part or phase of the project. Currently, the first two phases have collected funds, respectively by the Nando Peretti Foundation and by the Municipality of Douala. The financial request for the third phase has already been sent out to the Waldesian Church of Italy, and this phase will start as soon as new funds will be raised (expect ed moth: October 2014).

Read The Full Project Here: Presentation Startup.pdf