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Conceptualized by the University of Rome Tor Vergata Master 1st level, EUROBIOPARK embarked in its mission in the late 90’s. Funded in part by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) its primary aim was the technology transfers in biomedicine for emerging and developing countries.

Its founding vision is to connect specific activities amongst members within the University community, the scientific research societies and promote it on a national territory focusing on the center-south of Italy and the Mediterranean. EUROBIOPARK thrives toward the development, implementation and administration of science and technology projects with the National and European scope.

With activities ranging from Research, Transfer of Technology and Human Resource Training, EUROBIOPARK contributes substantial benefit in the field of medicine development, testing of drugs and diagnostic kits. EUROBIOPARK enhance the Italian presence in numerous research projects across Europe, sharing industrial properties and innovative know-how making positive impacts in financial markets. Long term objectives is oriented towards today’s youth for innovative education and the expansion of popular science for public and private entities.

Our Members

Vittorio Colizzi, MD, PhD


Professor of Immunology & Pathology,
Emeritus UNESCO Chair in Biotechnology and Bioethics, University of Rome Tor Vergata,
Secretary of the Africa Relation Centre, Italian Geographical Society

NomsPoste occupéProfession
Pr VITTORIO COLIZZIPrésidentProfesseur d’Université
Pr MAURIZIO MATTEIVice-PrésidentProfesseur d’Université
Dr GIULIA CAPPELLIVice-Présidente AdjointeChercheur senior
Mme NATHALIE NZEKWASecrétaire généraleMaster Universitaire en Logistique, Université Bocconi
M. ANNICK KEVIN EDINGUESecrétaire exécutive Bureau Cameroun   Doctorant Santé Publique
Dr. STEFIE MBESSAResponsable des Relations InternationalesMaster en Relation Internationales, PhD in International Politics
Dr. ARMAND TOTSIA TSAPIResponsable Secteur Santé Publique, Cameroun PhD Épidémiologie Santé Public
M. VICTOR FONINGResponsable Secteur InformatiqueMaster en Informatique
LAURE DEUTOUResponsable Secteur Immunologique et NutraceutiquePhD Immunology & Applied Biotechnology
1. Colizzi Vittorio – Roma
2. Antonelli Guido – Roma
3. Colasanti Marco – Roma
4. Antonini Giovanni – Roma
5. Barozza Dario Virginio – Boca
6. Castelli Gattinara Guido – Roma
13. Mattei Maurizio – Roma
14. Montesano Carla – Roma
15. Ngoune Jean – Camerun
16. Nidasio Sara – Boca
17. Politi Vincenzo – Roma
18. Scaramella Lucia – Roma
7. Del Gallo di Roccagiovine Flavia – Roma
8. Foti Calogero – Roma
9. Galgani Andrea – Roma
10. Giuma Gimil – Tripoli
11. Lancia Fabio – Roma
12. Temgoua Kenfack Jules Magloire – Roma
19. Seghrouchni Fouad – Marocco
20. Tchidjou Kuekou Hyppolite – Roma
21. Sobze Sanou Martin – Camerun
22. Foning Victor – Camerun
23. Nocchia Daniela – Roma